Equine Merishia Massage Diploma

Rose Holistic Therapies & Training, level 4 accredited by the NCFE.

I am a member of the Association of Merishia Massage Therapists

Equine Hanna Somatics Educator

The Novato Institue for Somatic Research & Training.

I am a member of the Association for Equine Hanna Somatics Education.  

Animal Acupressure Course (CPD)

Lucy Yeomans Therapy & Training.

The course covered acupressure treatment using Acupoints on the Bladder Meridian that influence the balance of wellbeing mechanisms of the body and help both physical and emotional issues.


In addition to completing a minimum of 25 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) studies and courses each year, I am also wholeheartedly committed to personal research in the field of equine wellbeing and natural health care including therapeutic modalities that enhance mind and body for the horse and equine physical therapies that help with musculoskeletal health of horses.  

I have studied the work of many renowned and highly regarded equine musculoskeletal therapists and bodywork methods including: Mary W Bromily, John Pierre Hourdebaigt, The Wilson Meagher Method and The Masterson Method to name a few.

In addition I have researched the work of compassionate horse trainers including: Mark Rashid, Buck Brannaman, Elsa Sinclair and Josh Nichols.  These trainers work with the horse’s nature and consider the horse’s point of view, which enables them to achieve training goals through better communication that does not use force (unless it is an absolute must to deal with a dangerous situation for the horse and human).  Their training techniques foster an equal partnership whereby the horse is willing to do what the human asks because it genuinely wants to please and work with the human,  rather than out of obligation and resignation to its human’s dominance.

My journey of horsemanship and learning is continuously evolving and will be lifelong! This is not only due to my love of horses but also from a place in my heart that feels a very strong calling to give back to this wonderful innocent and generous of heart species, who has served mankind for millenia and endured much collective suffering as a result.

It is my honour and privilege to be able to provide natural curative care and share knowledge for the greater good of all horses and equines in this world.

Horses just want to be at peace and anytime they are not, they just want to get back to it  as quickly as possible.   It is our job to recoginise and enable this.

Given the choice horses would not choose to interact with humans in the way we expect them to.  “Their lives our in our hands and we make the choices that determine the outcome of their experience in this world. We can change our approach to honour horses wisdom and innate gifts so that they too can live with a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing.  If we can encourage our horses to live up to their full potential they will be more content and we will achieve greater results in our training.”  Steph P. Durham, Soulful Horsemanship

CPD Further Courses  

  • Equine Mobilisation & Positional Release

  • Equine Myofascial Release

  • Saddle Fitting Tips for the Equine Professional

  • Fascia Physiology, Function & Practical Application of the Fascial Edge Tool

  • Muscle Testing to Assess for Energy Imbalances for Use in Animal Practice

  • Pilates for Horses

  • Understanding Muscles & Fascia

  • Training the brain

  • Whole Horse Equine Dissection

  • Advanced Equine Therapy techniques

  • Equine First Aid


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