Greetings from Gloucestershire, England. I’m Ilse Kemp, a qualified equine therapist and educator.

I have loved horses all my life and it is the greatest pleasure to work with them, helping them feel and move their best.  I specialise in optimising performance and wellbeing through the application of gentle yet highly effective holistic methods. These natural methods work deeply with the nervous system, promoting reeducation of musculoskeletal dysfunction, alleviating deeply ingrained stress, and improving overall health in general.

Additionally, I am deeply committed to the pursuit of being an educator, sharing knowledge, wisdom and valuable insights with others willing to learn.

I also proudly stand as one among an expanding cohort of devoted equine enthusiasts who are embracing the role of impassioned advocate for them. To me, it is entirely natural to feel huge compassion and appreciation for horses, given their extensive history of steadfast service to humanity.

This is Dushybeag, my 16 year old ex-racer. Dushy is one happy healthy horse and we have a fantastic partnership.  I attribute this greatly to the Equine Therapy work I do with him, which helps him feel better mentally, move better physically AND improves our bond, because he associates me with feeling good.

My work with horses helps achieve:

* general relaxation  

* suppleness

* straightness

* improved energy

* recovery after injury  

* support through & recovery after illness including kissing spine, laminitis & ulcers

* trauma recovery  

* confidence building

* improved bonding    

and more….

I work with many different horses: sport horses to shetland ponies and I have a particular interest in racehorses and OTTBs.  Every horse is treated as an individual because they are individuals.

Are you ready to:

  1. help your horse reach their optimal physical and mental potential?

  2. learn how YOU can enhance your horse’s musculoskeletal health?

  3. build a stronger bond and deeper understanding with your horse?

If yes to any/all of the above GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

We will embark on an empowering journey for you & your horse.

I look forward to connecting with you.  Ilse x

Did you know that complementary and natural therapies have been used to help horses with their health issues for thousands of years.  However, with the arrival of modern veterinary medicine these traditional methods came to be perceived as less effective and old fashioned?  But prior to modern veterinary medicine many excellent results were achieved by natural horse healers.  

Today in the 21st century Petplan Equine lists arthritis, gastric ulcers, colic, desmitis and laminitis to be the top 5 common health problems in horses. (

Colic is the number 1 cause of death in domesticated horses and around 80% of horses have ulcers (Sarah Griffiths, Animal Synergist).  The most common cause of loss of use is lameness  (

With this information widely available more and more horse owners are recognising the way we manage horses needs changing.  



(Note: lifestyle medicine is allowing horses to be horses and adapting their environments to resemble their natural way of living as much as is possible).

WIth that said,  LS Equine Therapy’s mission is:

  1. to help equines feel and move their best so they can enjoy a long healthier life with their humans

  2. to empower equestrians with knowledge and skills so they can provide natural health care and lifestyle medicine for improving the wellbeing and musculoskeletal health of their horses.

                                 Education and knowledge is the key!


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