EHS is a neuromuscular (mind-body) re-education method that TEACHES THE HORSE to reset tight and chronically contracted muscles USING THEIR BRAIN. AKA the control centre of the nervous system!

Pandiculation and Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)/Motor Sensory Amnesia (MSA) are terms that go hand in hand with EHS, which is not a therapy but rather an educational process.  During EHS the horse does a lot of learning as the brains control of muscles is re-awakened.  It results in a more relaxed comfortable functional body as pain and tension in muscles release.  Effects are usually long lasting because the instructions from the horse’s brain to the muscles has changed.  AND because the horse is active in the process which works with their natural movements at their pace and without any pressure, it feels really good to them.  

Some of the many documented benefits include:

  • improved posture

  • improved physical functionality

  • improved performance

  • longevity - it can help turn back the clock for older horses

  • enhanced wellbeing & relationship with your horse

    Note: This modality can often work quickly to show if crooked posture and/or movement are the result of conformation or chronically tight muscles.

EHS article published in

Your Horse magazine

Spring 2022

What to expect?

A full session usually lasts around 1 - 1.5 hours. However we need to be flexible depending on how much the horse is willing to do.  I can do the EHS work or I can teach owners/riders/handlers to do EHS themselves.  For this option online sessions are also possible via Zoom.  Hanna Somatics for humans is also experienced.

Please note the session needs to be carried out at a quiet time and in a quiet environment in order for the horse to be able to fully relax and benefit.

Post treatment  - maintenance exercises will be given to fit with what is realistically doable for you.

Equine Hanna Somatics Information leaflet - inside page, by Alissa Mayer. Certified EHS Educator and Co-instructor of the EHS Training Program

Try Equine Hanna Somatics yourself

With the EHS Session 1 instructional online video


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