Many people don’t check rug fit properly, which is especially important when horses live out 24/7.

Typical things I see and CAUSE DISCOMFORT for the horse include:

  • Too narrow in the front around the shoulder/chest area

  • Pressure over the wither

  • Belly straps too loose

  • No longer waterproof

Think how you feel if you wear something that is too tight? Not only is it uncomfortable but over time it will cause inflammation and affect how you move.

If belly straps are too loose, not only will it allow rugs to slip but worse is the danger of the horse getting its leg stuck in a strap (as a result of kicking up at its belly or getting up after lying down).  In many instances the rug will rip but if the horse panics it could result in an injury/accident which could have been avoided!  

If a rug is no longer waterproof it will be more detrimental because it is definitely uncomfortable and the cold and wet can make the horse sick.

The rug in the photo is too narrow in the chest. The shoulder side gusset needs to be set higher to be effective and allow comfortable movement.

Check your rugs and change them if they don’t fit! #lovesteeds


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