My beloved ex-racehorses

The boys

Dushybeag  26.03.2007

Ledbury Star (Elvin): 20.05.2016 - 24.11.2016

Merrymadcap: 22.04.2002 - 19.09.2013


I rehomed Merry from the wonderful racehorse retraining and animal assisted intervention charity, Greatwood.  In 2012, when Jim Masterson visited the stables with a cohort of Masterson Method students, I eagerly volunteered Merry and they all loved him. He had the most beautiful thick black mane and tail. He was a gentle timid soul who helped prepare me for the very high-spirited Elvin who came next

Ledbury Star - aka Elvin

I rehomed Elvin straight off the track. He was like a tornado of enthusiasm and a very cheeky, joyful horse. It turned out he had Kissing Spines. He had the operation where the bones are shaved. This was his first time in the field after several months of box rest. Knowing what I know now, I would rehab differently to what I was advised. At any given time, you can only do your best with the knowledge and experience you have at that time. Elvin was a classic example of how stoic & resilient racehorses can be!


I rehomed Dushy straight off the track. Like Elvin, he was retired after injury affected his racing capability. Keeping Dushy comfortable is my priority and coincided with me learning equine therapies. He is a really kind, easy-going horse, who has been such a star with children I have fostered and inexperienced humans who want to learn about horses! His intelligence is wonderful to observe! When we do EHS he sometimes prefers to follow my hand as shown in this video. It is also a great example of less is more!

Candy and I, 1985

And this little New Forest beauty is Candy. My pony as a young teenager. She was amazing.  We would go riding on our own for hours!  Nobody knew where we went as there were no mobile phones! Candy looked after me and I am forever grateful to her, and the many fun and happy childhood memories of that time.  She got very ill with laminitis one year. It was touch and go if she would recover. But thankfully pioneering surgery at the Royal Veterinary school in Bristol saved her, and I, along with stable friends, nursed her back back to full riding health with regular walks and feet cooling!


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