Appointments - what to expect

First visit/appointment: discussion on background history and concerns; assessment of posture; movement and muscle tone followed by an individualised treatment. Duration: around 1.5 hours

Follow up visits: assessment as above and individualised treatment.  Duration 1 - 1.5 hours

An appointment/session can be one modality or a blend of modalities. 3 sessions over 4-8 weeks are recommended  for new clients or horses new to holistic therapies

Please note

  1. It needs to be carried out at a quiet time and in a quiet environment in order for the horse to be able to fully relax and benefit.

  2. Duration -sometimes it will be shorter or longer depending on how the horse responds.

  3. LS Equine Therapy works WITH the horse. This means the horse is given choice in the session, is allowed to move about and is not tied up or controlled by a handler in any way (safety permitting).

Post treatment  - maintenance exercises will be given to fit with what is realistically doable for you.


Within 20 miles of Newent, GL18 1TZ  (Further distances incur an additional mileage charge)


£75 Tuition session in person (discount available for more than 1 person)

£40 EHS tuition online via Zoom

Please note a £20 deposit is required at time of booking

LS Equine Therapy wants to help as many horses as possible. We understand that sometimes additional costs can be a prohibitive factor for some hard-working, horse-loving equestrians. If this is you and you want your horse to be seen by LS Equine Therapy but cost is stopping you, do get in touch. We will work with you to find a solution! #lovesteeds


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