Equine massage & Equine Therapy tuition for owners & riders

Short courses for individuals or groups

Group course duration - 3.5 hours in the morning or afternoon

Private individual course duration - 1.5 hours

What would you like to learn to do ?

How to give your own horse a massage?

How to assess your horse's muscles and posture?

How to do some easy equine therapy techniques to help your horse feel good and maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system?

LS Equine Therapy offers generic and bespoke courses.  

Every course includes teaching on:

  • basic anatomy

  • need to know muscles

  • theory

  • palpation skills

  • observation skills

Each participalnt receives a course booklet too.

Private tuition cost - £100

Group course cost - £350  (total for host person organising) 

Group courses - these will take place at a host venue.  We will need ideally 2-3 horses to work with and 4-6 participants. 

For more information or to make a booking:

Call / Message/ WhatsApp 07496 327140 


Email: lsequinetherapy@gmail.com 


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