LS Equine Acupressure

Acupressure is a very gentle yet powerful healing  modality.  It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method that sees the body as an energetic entity which must be in balance with itself and its environment to remain healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

In TCM energy channels known as Meridians are pathways for Chi (life giving energy) and blood which are closely related.  The Meridians bring the Chi, blood and nutrients to the body’s soft tissues, joints, bones and all the internal organ systems. Where there are blockages or stagnation in the Meridians, acupressure restores a harmonious flow of Chi which helps correct imbalances in physical functionality, emotional and mental health.  

Acupressure has been shown to:

  • Release endorphins the bodies natural pain relievers

  • Release muscle spasms

  • Improve blood supply which helps recovery from injury

  • Enhance mental clarity to allow focus in training & performance

  • Release natural cortisone to reduce swelling

  • Build the immune system

What to expect

LS Equine Acupressure focuses on the major points along the Bladder Meridian which has the unique ability to balance and regulate the flow of Chi energy throughout the horse’s entire body via the Association points within it. There is an Association point for each of the 12 major organ systems.

An assessment of posture, movement and muscle tone is completed and an individualised treatment follows that will last 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on how the horse responds.

Please note the session needs to be carried out at a quiet time and in a quiet environment in order for the horse to be able to fully relax and benefit.

Post treatment  - maintenance exercises will be given to fit with what is realistically doable for you


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